Do you travel? + -

Yes! We are based in Cochrane, Alberta (nestled in between Calgary and Banff), but willing to travel the distance for you! If you live in Vancouver or Toronto, please contact the team at Caviar Candles. If you have questions about international or domestic travel for other Canadian provinces, Glowe and Caviar Candles work closely together to ensure our collaborative services meet your needs.

Does the candle produce a real flame? + -

Yes! The flame is bright and pure and does not produce any smoke or toxic fumes. Most candles on the market today are petroleum based leaving a black residue on the vase after only a few short hours. Glowe Candles will continue to look clean, timeless and elegant throughout your entire event.

Will the candle flame last for the duration of my event? + -

Yes! Our granule-wick system provides a flame that can burn for hours. Unlike other candles on the market that eventually self-extinguish in a pool of wax, our candles can provide a burn time of up to 14 hours!

What do you mean by exotic/remote locations? + -

If you can dream it, we will try our best to make it a reality! Are you thinking about a romantic proposal in a forest enchanted with flickering candlelight or eloping on a mountaintop? We are just as excited as you are. Please provide us with as much detail and information in the Inquiry tab.

can I hire out the candles individually? + -

As our candles require extra care and handling, we do not rent them out individually. Due to the volume and weight of our candles, our team is trained to handle them safely without risk for personal injury. Furthermore, our team performs additional safety and quality checks to ensure your event runs smoothly and the venue (and its occupants) are safe.

What packages do you offer? + -

As we provide an exclusive full-service offering, and as every event is different, we encourage you to reach out to have that initial conversation with us so we can determine how best to bring your vision to life according to your budget. 

Why should I choose Glowe Candles versus buying candles at a store? + -

Not only do we provide an incredible value for our full service offering, but we are the only business in Alberta offering luxury candlelight staging and design. It is is difficult to source high quality glass vases in the heights we offer, plus you can feel good about not discarding a half-used candle in the landfill or selling it second-hand. Glowe Candles presents a new candle every time through the use of our eco-friendly and 100% plant-based granules. 

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